2018 Ford Heavy Duty trucks

Do heavy-duty trucks not get tested for mpg?

Why do heavy-duty trucks not have mpg numbers?

Are you shopping for a heavy-duty truck? Have you been looking everywhere for fuel efficiency numbers that you simply cannot find? Why do heavy-duty trucks not have mpg numbers? The answer is that the EPA simply doesn’t require them to do so. We can get down to why that is right here.

2018 Ram 2500 black side viewWhat makes a truck heavy duty?

Before we can really dive into the question, we have to explore what a heavy-duty truck is. It’s actually an EPA designation. A light duty truck is anything with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less. This includes F-150, Ram 1500, and Silverado/Sierra 1500.

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Trucks with a GVWR of 8,501 pounds or above all fall into the classification of a heavy-duty truck or vehicle. This includes trucks like F-250, F-350, and similar trucks from Ram and Chevy/GMC. One thing to note is that the EPA classifications are a little different than the federal classifications where most of these trucks are actually considered medium duty.

What is GVWR?

If you know what a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR is, then you can skip ahead, but we realize that some may not know what this figure actually means. GVWR is how much weight the vehicle can handle. This includes the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo. It does not include trailering weight. In short, it’s what a fully-loaded truck would weigh, minus any trailer, if it drove on a scale.

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2019 Chevy Silverado HD black side viewWhy do some trucks not have fuel efficiency ratings?

If a truck is classified as a heavy-duty truck, then it is not required to publish mpg figures by the EPA. That may seem silly at first, but really it makes sense. Those EPA mpg numbers would mean little to a heavy-duty truck buyer as those figures would only hold true for a truck not carrying any weight, and how many heavy-duty truck buyers would do that?

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Do heavy-duty trucks still have to pass emission standards?

Though heavy-duty trucks do not have published mpg numbers, they are still heavily regulated and tested by the EPA for both mpg and emissions. All heavy-duty trucks still have standards that they must meet to be sold in the U.S.