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Do vehicles in Redding need smog testing?

Where to get your car smog tested in Shasta County

Vehicles registered in Redding do need to get smog tested. Want to know where to get your car smog tested in Shasta County? We can help and we will go over some of the rules and regulations too while also telling you which vehicles are exempt.

muffler with twin exhaust tipsWhat vehicles do not need smog testing in California?

There are several groups of vehicles that do not require testing in California. Gas-powered vehicles with a model year of 1975 or older as well as diesel vehicles with a 1997 model year or older do not need to get tested. Diesel or natural gas-powered vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 14,000 pounds also do not have to get tested.

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Other exempt vehicles include all motorcycles as well as all electric vehicles. As of January 1, 2019, vehicles that are 8 years old or newer, also don’t have to get tested. However, they are still subject to a $20 smog abatement fee with your registration.

Man working on the exhaust of a carWhat smog program does Shasta County fall into?

There are three smog programs that currently exist in California. These have been assigned based on air pollution by county and sometimes by zip code. The most stringent areas are the Enhanced Areas which require testing at a STAR station. There are also Basic Areas which only require basic testing. Both of these areas are subject to testing biannually (once every two years).

There are also Change of Ownership areas which only require smog testing to be performed when a vehicle moves from one owner to another. These are mostly rural areas where the air quality remains high.

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the exhaust being tested on a carWhere to get your car smog tested in Redding?

When your registration comes due, you will be notified if you have to get your vehicle smog tested. This will also indicate what type of smog check your vehicle needs. Below you will find a list of some of the local smog testing areas in Redding.

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Placer St Smog and Repair (STAR)

1705 Pleasant St

JTS Pro Smog (STAR)

2786 South Market

Athens Auto Technicians

2301 Athens Ave

Market Street Automotive

1035 Sutter Street

Automotive Plus

5380 Westside Road