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Carr Fire: what can you do to help?

Where to donate for Carr Fire relief?

Wildfires are not just scary, they are also deadly and destructive. Currently, Redding, Shasta, and the surrounding Northern California areas are enduring one of the largest fires in the area’s history. It’s called the Carr Fire, and though you may not be able to fight the fire, you can help those affected by it. We will tell you where to donate for Carr Fire relief and give you some background on the damage.

smiling firefighter in front of a fire truckAre you in the affected areas?

Above all else, stay safe. Remember that your life, the lives of your family, and even the lives of your pets are more important than anything that you own. If you think an evacuation order is coming to your area or even if you just don’t like the flames on the horizon, then leave, and leave early.

Leaving early will ensure that you have the time to properly pack and prepare, and it will also keep you out of the way of other evacuees as well as our brave firefighters who are diligently working to save as much life as possible. This is a big fire for this area. Do not take it lightly.

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Damage from the Carr Fire

The Carr Fire began a simple mechanical car fire at the intersection of Highway 299 and Carr Powerhouse Road on July 23rd. Since then, it has destroyed over a thousand buildings, and as of this writing, it is still actively burning.

Currently, it is the sixth most destructive fire in California’s history. It’s powerful enough to create its own weather system which can make predicting where it will go and what it will do quite difficult. However, firefighters are making progress.

Safety tips during wildfire season

people making a charity signWhat donations are needed?

Though it may seem prudent to donate things like water, blankets, and food items, the best donation is money. We understand that people often feel better about donating goods, but money is better for many reasons.

Physical goods can be difficult to manage and transport, but monetary donations ensure that relief organizations can purchase the exact goods necessary.

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What charities can you donate to for the Carr Fire?

Unfortunately, in times of need there will be “charities” and even individuals that hope to make a profit. For this reason, you should primarily consider donating to a large and well-vetted charity. We recommend either the American Red Cross or United Way of Northern California. We have details on both below.

American Red Cross

Quick Donation: Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10

Charity Website

United Way of Northern California

Quick Donation: Text “CARRFIRE” to 91999

Charity Website