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What Can I Do To Lower My Car’s Emissions?

There are a lot of things we need to think about when we own a car. Repairs and fuel costs are two of the biggest things to keep an eye on, but there’s much more to owning a car than just that. More eco-friendly people might also worry about the carbon footprint of their car.

It’s common knowledge that your car emits CO2 and that lower CO2 levels are good for the planet. Obviously, buying a fuel-efficient car is an easy way to lower your emissions, but is there anything else you can do? There are actually several easy ways you can help lower your emissions if you want to.

How To Lower Your Car’s Emissions

Of course, the other obvious way to lower your emissions is to drive less. You can accomplish this by biking or walking to close-by areas or taking public transport. Carpooling and using ride-sharing services are also two easy ways to help cut down on emissions. It can help to chain your trips together rather than splitting them up into several different trips.

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You can adjust your driving habits to help cut down on emissions as well. Drivers who slam on the brakes when they need to stop or floor the pedal to get the car going aren’t helping. If you ease into a stop or start, then you’ll have a better fuel economy and lower emissions. Keeping your car healthy with regular maintenance will also help keep your car clean and lower emissions. You shouldn’t let your car idle for too long, especially if you drive a diesel-powered vehicle.

Does Your Car Need Smog Testing?

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