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Best state parks in the Redding area

State parks near Redding CA

Northern California is home to a huge number of state parks, and all of them are worthwhile and beautiful in their own ways. If you want to find the best state parks near Redding CA, then our comprehensive guide will be the perfect jumping off point.

Castle Crags State Park

Witness the 6,000-foot tall spires of granite for yourself. They may be over 170 million years old, but they are worth a visit. There’s also numerous campsites and 28 miles of hiking trails.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

This lava spring is truly breathtaking and mostly untouched. This park is only accessible by small boat. Once you’re there you can walk over 20 miles of trails through lava flows.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

With volcanos, fumaroles, and meadows, Lassen features a wide range of sights. This is actually a national park, but still a worthy inclusion on the list. A pass is required upon entry.

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William B Ide Adobe SHP

If you want to see what an active California community could have looked like in the mid-1800s, then this is your best chance. You can learn all about the skills required to survive over 150 years ago.

Weaverville Joss House SHP

Perhaps one of the most interesting sites, this authentic Chinese temple shows California’s long-standing Chinese traditions and how immigrants helped shape this great nation.

Shasta SHP

For a taste of the California gold rush, the Shasta State Historic Park is worth a visit for sure. See ruins of a time not so long ago with the fragments of roads, cottages, and cemeteries.

girl pulling somone down a hiking trail with treesHow do state park passes work in California?

California is a huge state with a huge number of state parks. As such, it utilizes multiple different park passes depending on what type of parks you want to visit. Some high volume parks can only be accessed by their own passes. Luckily, that is not true for any of the state parks on this list.

For this list, outside of the national park, there are three passes you can consider. The Historical Pass is the cheapest, but it only gives you access to all the State Historic Parks or SHPs. The California Explorer pass is the most expensive and the most inclusive and it gives you access to both the Castle Crags State Park and the William B Ide Adobe SHP. However, the more affordable Golden Poppy pass gives you annual access to both of those parks as well. Learn more at the link below.

California State Park Passes

picture of Lake TahoeDo you need a pass if you’re just hiking?

Day passes can be purchased as well, and for the most part, passes are only required for cars.

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If you walk in on foot during a long hike you are fine. This is also why the Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park doesn’t need a pass as it is only accessible via a small boat.

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