Low Mileage, Newer Used Vehicles for Prices That You Can Afford

Late-Model Low-Mileage Used Cars Under 20K Redding CA

Just because a vehicle is used does not necessarily mean that it is old. There are many vehicles from the past two or three model years available in our inventory here at Park Marina Motors, and many from the most recent model year. Even better is that given their late model year, the mileage tends to be fairly low. Despite the late model year and low mileage, price also remains low, with many for sale under $20,000.

If you are interested in seeing our complete inventory of late-model, low-mileage used cars, you can head straight to our complete inventory, or continue reading for more on the benefits of this type of used car.

Typically, late model used vehicles serve as loaner cars, rental cars, or are used just for test drives at a new car dealership. The benefit here is that they their first owner is typically a business that deals with cars. This means that they get all of the service that they need. Regular oil changes and other scheduled service, as well as routine car washes and interior cleanings. These vehicles are always maintained quite well, which is a real benefit to you. You don’t have to worry about the history of the vehicle at all.

When the vehicles do not come from a business, they tend to have just a single owner, which is another real benefit. When a vehicle goes through multiple owners, it has more wear and tear, and there is a better chance that the mileage is low. When a vehicle is used as a rental, it can rack up quite a bit of miles in a short period of time. With a single owner, however, mileage tends to remain on the lower end.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying a late-model low-mileage used car is that you get many of the benefits of a new car, but at a greatly-reduced price. Even if there has been just one owner, the fact that it is not brand new helps to lob off a few thousand dollars from the price. It is exactly why we’re able to sell vehicles that are typically priced between $20,000 and $30,000 when new, for less than $20,000.

As we said, if you want to see what we have available, we encourage you to head to our complete used car inventory, where you can see all that we have in stock. There are filters in our inventory that allow you to see just the most recent models, so simply drag the slider to show just the most recent model year to see all of the late-model, low-mileage and low-priced used cars that we have available in Redding CA.