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Is It OK to Use Bluetooth While Driving in California?

We live in an increasingly connected world. Our phones take up more and more of our lives every day. It seems like we always have to have three or four things that connect to our phone. Sometimes it can be hard to remember life without Bluetooth connectivity.

Our phones can easily connect to our cars these days. It makes it much easier to stay connected with the world, but some people forget about texting and driving laws. California has some of these laws in place to help keep the roads safe, but how exactly do they work? Is it OK to use hands-free devices while driving?

Can I Drive While Using Bluetooth?

Most people have adjusted to the new rules about texting and driving. Unless it is an emergency or you’re driving on private property, you can be ticketed or fined for texting while driving. A fine won’t count as a point towards your driving record, but police can pull you over for just this infraction. These rules also extend to talking on the phone while driving. The rules are a bit more complicated for hands-free devices.

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Someone texting while driving

The most important rule for hands-free devices is that they cannot cover both ears. You can use the speakerphone in your car or other kinds of applications. If you’re over the age of 18, then there are no restrictions on the usage of hands-free devices. A driver under the age of 18 cannot use any hands-free devices while they are driving. The fines and penalties for being under 18 and using a hands-free device are the same as texting while driving.

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