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What is a one-owner car?

Is it ideal to buy a one-owner used car?

The term is pretty self-explanatory, but even so, it’s worth exploring. A one-owner vehicle is a vehicle that has only ever had one owner. Typically, dealerships do not count towards the number of owners. If a vehicle is a one-owner vehicle, then the only person that bought it and drove it, is the person that bought it new. Is it ideal to buy a one-owner used car? We can provide answers.

Salesman selling a white carReasons why people sell their cars

To understand what it means to be a one-owner car, it may also help to understand why people sell their cars in the first place. People get rid of cars for many reasons. Often people just want something new, or they need something to better suit their needs whether it be size, performance, or fuel economy. Many one-owner vehicles are actually fresh of a lease. This means they have had limited use making them a great buy for used-vehicle consumers.

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The other reason people get rid of cars is that they are sick of dealing with issues. Whether the car is old, or just unreliable, this isn’t something that should concern you too much. Often times, these vehicles are sold to a dealer through a trade-in program, and then that vehicle never gets a price tag. Instead, it’s sold for parts, scrapped, or both.

What are the advantages of buying a one-owner car?

The key advantage to buying a one-owner vehicle is that the vehicle’s history is simple. You’ll know if it’s been in an accident, and often you will even have detailed service records. With these in hand, you will have a good idea of how well the vehicle will perform in the future.

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Customers reviewing a vehicle history reportShould you only buy one-owner vehicles?

Buying a one-owner vehicle is nice, but you certainly shouldn’t limit yourself. Having a laundry list of previous owners may indicate frequent problems, but even then, if you and your dealership do the research, you should be fine.

Consider things like vehicle history reports from companies like AutoCheck. Any reputable used vehicle dealer will provide a history report free of charge, many like Park Marina Motors in Redding, even provide such history reports right online so you can do your research quickly.

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