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How Do I Keep My Convertible Top Clean?

It’s practically summer all year round in California, but we are truly into summer and the heat is rising. There aren’t many things that feel better than dropping your convertible top and getting the wind through your hair. It’s a pretty freeing experience.

Your convertible top does need to be taken care of just like any other part of your car. Some people might not know how to take care of it. There’s more to convertible top care than simply keeping it clean. We’ll show you just what to do to keep your top looking fresh and new throughout the life of your car.

Caring for Your Convertible Top

Of course, keeping your convertible top clean is an important part of it. You’ll want to be careful with the kind of cleaners you use. Depending on the material your convertible top is made with, certain chemicals might not be safe for it. You’ll also want to make sure you add some sun protectant after you clean it up. If possible, you should always park in the shade or somewhere that keeps your car out of direct sunlight.

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Cleaning off a convertible top

When you store your convertible for a few days, you should store it with the top up. Leaving the top down can crease it, so keeping the top up will make sure it looks good and stays tight on its frame. You will also want to make sure you don’t fold the top down when it is wet. It can damage the material of the convertible top, as well as the mechanisms that raise and lower it.

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