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Should you sell your vehicle privately?

Disadvantages of selling your vehicle privately

Though sometimes you can get more money selling your vehicle privately, there are many reasons why you may want to avoid it. We’ll run through many of them as we discuss the disadvantages of selling your vehicle privately.

Generic car windshield with a price stickerThe biggest disadvantage to selling privately

The first big disadvantage is that it takes longer. When you are looking to buy a replacement car, you don’t always have the luxury of time. The money that you can get for your old vehicle could be put to good use towards your next vehicle, but you won’t have that money available during the private sale process. What’s more, most people end up sitting on their vehicles for weeks or even months waiting for an acceptable and serious offer to come along. That’s time that you can’t afford to waste.

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Things to think about when selling your vehicle privately

The people that your vehicle attracts may not be the types of people that you work with. They could be looking to scam you or even simply waste your time until you’ll accept a lower offer. Though the paperwork can be simple, it’s also fraught with peril. One mistake could put you in trouble.

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Someone showing the engine of their used carIs private selling really more profitable?

Very rarely do people get the price that they first ask for when selling privately. It’s easier to deal in cash for the seller, but not for the buyer, so numbers tend to drop out of convenience. Even if you make $500 extra dollars from selling privately, it may not actually be worth it.

That’s because it takes time and effort to sell a vehicle. If you spend five weeks selling a car that you made $500 extra on, that’s only $100 per week after all the effort of making listings, responding to inquiries, and meeting people. Remember too, that this is likely the most favorable outcome.

Alternative to selling privately

The alternative to selling privately is to simply trade in your vehicle, and if you live in Redding, CA, then you can trade in your vehicle at Park Marina Motors. Though trading in may not always provide the numbers you dreamed up when you thought about selling privately, you may be surprised at how close the trade in value actually comes. What’s more, it’s quick, easy, and safe. Fill out a form and find out for yourself.

Trade-in Your Car in Redding