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What Happens to a Car After 10 Years?

Most people try to make a dollar stretch as far as they can. We want to save money and make as much of an impact with every cent possible. Thrifty people trying to maximize the use of everything they have, reusing and repurposing things as necessary. 

It is a bit harder to repurpose a car, but we can make it last for as long as possible. There aren’t many people who have the luxury to simply get a new car whenever their old one becomes a hassle. Getting a car to last for over 10 years is a good goal for most people, but the older a car gets, the more problems it brings.   

Common Repairs for Older Cars 

Obviously, every car is going to wear down eventually, but it can help to have an idea of what to expect. One of the first things we notice going wrong is the brakes. The master cylinder or hard brake lines can be a hassle to fix, but relatively speaking it is one of the more affordable options. Another problem is that important components, like the alternator or steering rack, will start to deteriorate. These are obviously important pieces and can be disastrous if not addressed.  

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Brake pad being repaired

Other issues might crop up due to age or rust. The underbody of a car might have suffered some nicks and bruises over the last decade which can cause some problems. Electrical components for locks and windows might start to wear out as well. The older a car gets, the more careful you should be in listening to the signals your car is putting out. 

Why You Should Trade In Your Car

Trade In Your Vehicle in Redding, CA 

Plenty of people might just save the trouble and trade in their vehicle to get an upgrade. Stop by Park Marina Motors to see our inventory or give us a call with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.