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How Clean Is My Used Car?

Are Used Cars Cleaned Before Delivery? 

It’s hard to deny the reasons why buying a car pre-owned is better than buying one brand new. In particular, you simply get more bang for your buck, avoiding the initial value depreciation that comes when a brand new car first drives off the lot.  

That said, some people may be uncomfortable buying something that was previously owned by someone else. That’s where buying a brand new car may be a more comfortable option for some, leading buyers to wonder if used cars are adequately cleaned prior to delivery. 

Of course, we can’t speak for every single dealership out there, but for the most part, yes, used cars are going to be cleaned before you drive them home.  

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Dealer vs Private Seller 

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That being said, if you buy directly from a private seller, there is no guarantee on the cleanliness of the vehicle. These sellers are unlikely to put money, time and effort into cleaning the vehicle to any great extent, so if you want the confidence that your pre-owned car has been thoroughly cleaned, buying from a dealership is the way to go. 

In addition, buying from a trusted dealership like Park Marina Motors means the vehicle has undergone a thorough inspection not just for cleanliness but also for the wellbeing of crucial vehicle parts. That way, there are no surprises once you bring the vehicle home and drive it for a few days. 

When it comes to a clean pre-owned vehicle, it’s just one more reason why buying used is generally the way to go, and why finding a dealer you can trust can make you feel comfortable during the process. To learn more, be sure to check back to the Park Marina Motors website blog