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5 Characteristics To Consider When Choosing An Automotive Repair Shop

5 Characteristics To Consider When Choosing An Automotive Repair Shop

Many people do not have a mechanic that they see on a regular basis. It can be difficult choosing an automotive shop in an industry that can be overwhelming. The following are characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing a reputable automotive shop to trust your vehicle with.

A Good Reputation

Looking for a new auto shop can be a massive undertaking! It can be a tedious task to personally vet every local auto shop that shows up in a Google search, especially when you’re in a hurry to get on the road. Those that have a good enough experience at an automotive shop will voice their opinion, it is always good to look into reviews and the company’s response to those reviews. 

Patient, Competent Customer Service

A good auto shop doesn’t just fix your vehicle’s problem—they actually listen to you as you tell them about it. A reputable characteristic of a good mechanic or automotive shop is to take all customers' concerns into consideration when thoroughly inspecting their vehicle, it is a display of outstanding customer service. In addition, a reliable mechanic will stand behind their work, if a shop doesn’t have any sort of guarantee displayed, ask them about it. Consider these factors when choosing a mechanic.

Knowledge Is Power

A good mechanic isn’t afraid to be forthcoming. They’ll let you know exactly what they’re doing before they do it. If you have any concerns about why something needs to be done, they’ll explain it to you patiently and without offense.

If you are having some concerns about a recommended repair, a good mechanic should be willing to show you the issue first hand and explain thoroughly the repair process so you do not feel apprehensive.


You can tell a lot about a place by how it looks. Is the shop clean and well maintained? What does the office look like? Automotive repair is very detailed work, the facility as a whole needs to be neat, clean and organized. This is a good indication that the employees take pride in their work, and with that you can be confident that you will receive quality service.


As a customer you should be included in the repair process through every step. A good mechanic shop will ensure that you have acknowledged and accepted all recommended repairs as well as keep you updated through the steps of parts orders, arrival times, and completion timelines. The mechanic should be happy to answer any questions and make you aware in a timely manner of any delays.