Low Mileage, Newer Used Vehicles for Prices That You Can Afford

Late-Model Low-Mileage Used Cars Under 20K Redding CA

Just because a vehicle is used does not necessarily mean that it is old. There are many vehicles from the past two or three model years available in our inventory here at Park Marina Motors, and many from the most recent model year. Even better is that given their late model year, the mileage tends to be fairly low. Despite the late model year and low mileage, price also remains low, with many for sale under $20,000. Read the rest of this entry >>


Get High-Tech Hybrid and Electric Cars for Low Prices

Used Hybrid & Electric Cars and SUVs in Redding CA

In California, hybrid and electric vehicles are on the rise. Not only because they allow you to travel with less gasoline, but because charging stations continue to pop up all throughout the state, making it more convenient than ever before to own one of these vehicles. Seeing as they use advanced technology to save fuel, new hybrid and electric vehicles tend to come with higher price tags. When you buy used, however, you are able to take advantage of all of the benefits of hybrid and electric cars for a lower price. Read the rest of this entry >>


The Benefits of Purchasing a Single-Owner Used Car

Affordable One-Owner Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs in Redding, CA

In the used vehicle market, one-owner vehicles are some of the most sought after—and for good reason. Here at Park Marina Motors, we understand what our customers want, which is why we stock a wide range of one-owner used cars, trucks and SUVs, all at affordable prices. We also make it easy for you to get a history report of all of our vehicles so that you can see just how many owners each one has had. If you have been looking for single-owner vehicles in Redding, California, you don’t have to look any further. Read the rest of this entry >>


The Many Advantages of Purchasing a Used Ford Vehicle

Used Ford Cars, Trucks & SUVs in Redding CA

In the search for a used car, there are a number of things to consider beyond just price. Much like a search for a new car, you have to find a brand and a model that check all of your boxes. Fuel economy, safety, and even resale value all have to be considered. Thankfully, there is one brand that is able to get you just about everything that you need. That brand is Ford, and here at Park Marina Motors, we have a variety of used Ford cars, trucks and SUVs on our lot in Redding, making it easy for you to find and buy a used Ford. Read the rest of this entry >>